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    How much does it cost to protect your home from intruders? Nowadays most alarm systems are wireless, but what does it cost and what determines the price? We asked a specialized security company: Delta Dore Alarmsysteem.

    "When you think about installing an alarm system, you have to take a number of factors into account. Such as the type of home, the number of doors, how many windows the building has, and whether pets are present," says of Delta Dore
    Basic pack from 1,300 euros

    "Most manufacturers sell the base of an alarm system in the form of a pack," says Serge. That pack usually consists of the most necessary parts of a good security system:

    Central / siren
    Outer siren
    Control panel
    Pair of motion detectors
    Smoke detector
    Opening detectors and/or remote controls

    Motion detectors from 250 euro

    You can place a motion detector in each individual room. When the system detects movement in the living room, the alarm triggers. You can optimize this by also providing your corridors with such a detector.

    Many detectors are available in a pet-friendly version. These detectors do not report a presence if there is a detection of movement below a certain height and volume. On a classic detector you can also place a cover that makes it animal friendly.
    Video motion detectors

    There are also video motion detectors that are slightly more expensive but that transmit moving images. Useful to know whether you're really dealing with burglars or whether it's a false alarm.

    Such a video motion detector is available from 295 euros. Mind you, for this you need an IP-transmitter that quickly costs 650 euros. This transmitter takes care of the communication with the smartphones and tablets.
    Opening detectors from 60 euros

    Does the alarm have to go off before it breaks in? Then use your door and window contacts. You install them on every accessible opening in the house. A small tip from Delta Dore Belgium: "Do you have cellar windows? Don't forget to provide them with detectors."
    Video surveillance from 230 euro

    You can replace or supplement video motion detectors with fully-fledged HD wifi video cameras that also detect motion themselves. Like their counterparts, they set off the alarm when detected. And via the same IP transmitter, they transmit images of the movements in HD to a smartphone. An indoor camera from 230 euros and an outdoor camera from 300 euros.
    The math for our home

    To stick a precise price tag, we start from a standard situation. In this case a detached house with a surface of about 200 m², with a cellar, upstairs, three bedrooms and a walking pet.

    How much does it cost to secure this example house?

    A basic alarm pack : 1.318,90 euros
    Motion detectors in three additional rooms : 251,90 euro x 3 = 755,70 euro
    Opening detectors on fifteen windows and doors : 59,40 euro x 15 = 891 euro
    Video surveillance (indoor) 231.10 euros and (outdoor) 301.70 euros = 532.80 euros

    The security for our house therefore consists of a basic package with a number of extensions. That will cost us a total of 3498.40 euros.

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